Creek Evolution 2 Integrated Amplifier

Creek Evolution 2 Integrated Amplifier
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Creek Evolution 2 Integrated Amplifier
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Creek Evolution 2 Integrated Amplifier

The Evolution 2 uses a high quality, Burr-Brown PGA2311, digitally controlled analogue volume control. This allows the user to adjust the volume accurately, from 0 to -80dB. An analogue style rotary encoder, with 40mm solid control knob, is used to alter the volume from the front panel and display the relative level on a large blue coloured VFD. Position 80 is the loudest and 0 is mute. To amplify the signals into the volume control circuit, a high grade Burr-Brown OPA2134 Op-Amp is used as a pre-amplifier. Signal switching is performed by gold contact relays, which are digitally selected from a microcontroller, similar to the Destiny Integrated Amplifier.

High grade polypropylene capacitors, bypassed with large value electrolytic capacitors, are used to couple and decouple the signal into the power amp.

The Evolution 2 operates conventionally with rotary controls for input selection and volume control and buttons for Tape selection and power On/Off. It has four inputs plus tape including a new feature Direct AV, which bypasses the pre-amplifier and volume control to allow the power amplifier to be used in a 5.1 surround system. Input selection is via the SRC3 remote handset or the rotary input selection control. The display brightness can be altered from the SRC3 remote control handset.

Technical Specifications:

Power in to 8 Ohm both channels driven 75 Watts @ 120v/240v

Power in to 4 Ohm both channels driven 110 Watts @ 240v

Max Current > 10 Amps

THD < 0.05% 20Hz - 20Khz

Frequency Response 5Hz - 50KHz - 1dB

Slew Rate > 25 V per S

Gain x52

Input Sensitivity 480mV

Separation > 60dB

Signal to Noise > 90dB

MM Phono Sensitivity & Impedance 3.5mV 47k Ohm (when fitted)

MC Phono Sensitivity & Impedance 0.75mV 1k Ohm (when fitted)

Outputs 2

Headphone output Yes

A/B speaker switch No

Voltage Switchable 115V/230V

Consumption (at idle) 40 Watts

Consumption (at full power) 340 Watts

Finish Color front panel + buttons Silver or Black

Weight 8.6Kgs 19lbs

Size W/H/D 430 x 80 x 340mm 17 x 3.2 x 15.5ins