Epos K2 Floor Standing Speakers (pair)

Epos K2 Floor Standing Speakers (pair)
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Epos K2 Floor Standing Speakers (pair)
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Epos K-Series K2 Floor Standing Speakers (pair)

The all new K-Series marks the beginning of a new era for Epos. Designed by Luke Creek, the K2 floor-standing loudspeaker is the largest model in this new range.

The K series features an unusual front firing slot port, rear mounted drivers and painted cabinet finishes. The K-Series is not only sleek and stylish, it also has a clever trick hidden up its sleeve.

Out of the box the K-Series is a stylish and sonically impressive passive loudspeaker, built to a very high standard. Now for the trick; designed into the K-Series is a latent upgrade path that allows it to be converted from a passive to a sophisticated ‘active digital’ product, using an optional Active-K module. Active-K allows the K2 to be at the heart of a 21st century ‘Hi-Resolution’ audio system.

The K-Series is much more than just another box loudspeaker, it paves the way to the future of Hi-Fi!

The all new K-Series painted MDF cabinet design includes some very clever internal bracing to minimise cabinet coloration. The K-Series sees the introduction of new reflex front firing slot port technology, designed for two special reasons.

Firstly, it allows high volumes of air to pass without any nasty audible chuffing noises, unlike most conventional round tube ports. Secondly, the slot port has enabled Epos to improve the low frequency performance from such a relatively small driver area.

One of the key design factors included in the K-Series is the ability to convert to an ‘active digital’ speaker. The rear panel and passive crossover are designed to be removed and replaced with the Active-K module. Coming late 2014!

The K-Series is available in two elegant finishes: silk White or Black. Both finish options offer a wonderfully luxurious look and feel to these loudspeakers. For those times when the attractive front needs to be protected or hidden, an optional magnetic grille can be easily fitted. Just place it close to the front and it will automatically snap-into place, protecting the delicate drivers from little fingers or paws.


Using virtual performance CAD design simulation tools, Epos has achieved very high technical performance and a clean, open, yet smooth sound quality from this tweeter.

The tweeter has a low resonant frequency, high sensitivity and extended high frequency response. With a 25mm fabric-dome, short horn, high-temperature ferro-fluid cooled voice-coil and neodymium magnet, it is capable of playing at high output levels for extended periods without degradation to its sound quality.

Mid-Bass Driver:

The Epos K2 mid-bass drivers produces an even frequency response and smooth roll-off.

The Epos 156mm mid-bass driver has a high-quality polypropylene cone and a bullet-shaped dust cap. These components form a stiff, yet pliable, well-damped structure which retains its shape even under high power loading.

The K2 mid-bass driver also benefits from a bucking-magnet system, ensuring all the magnetic force is concentrated around the voice-coil, allowing for low distortion and high efficiency.


In true Epos tradition; the K series has reverted to a more simplistic passive crossover topology, for which the brand is synonymous.

A first order crossover is used to allow the Epos tweeter to have a wide dynamic range with super low distortion. The mid-bass crossover uses a 2nd order filter ensuring the K2 is an easy load for any amplifier.


• Power Handling 150 Watts unclipped speech and music

• Frequency Range 41Hz – 30KHz

• Impedance 4 Ohms

• Sensitivity 90dB – 2.83v @ 1m

• Internal Wiring 18 AWG oxygen free copper stranded cable

• Finish Satin White or Satin Black

• Grille Optional snap on Grille can be added.

• Size 875x185x250mm / 34.44×7.28×9.8 inches

• Weight 11kg / 24.25lb per speaker (unpacked) 12kg / 26.45lb packed single speaker