Fostex TH-500RP Premium RP Stereo Headphones

Fostex TH-500RP Premium RP Stereo Headphones
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Product Description

Fostex TH-500RP Premium RP Stereo Headphones
Brand new and factory sealed.

Fostex have long since used RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm technology in their acclaimed professional studio headphones such as the T20RPmk2 and the recent T-series models.

The new TH500RP model now combines this RP technology with the design philosophy and flair of the TH900, resulting in a set premium headphones which deliver a simply stunning high resolution sound, with sparkling highs, rich mid tones and high quality lows.


Newly-tuned Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) planar diaphragm

Acoustically open design offers rich clarity and midrange with natural lows

Expertly constructed using lightweight aluminum and magnesium materials

High quality soft leather ear pad ensures optimum diaphragm-to-ear distance

Superior quality "HiFC" cable and included leather-textured carrying pouch