Furutech ADL iD35SP 3.5mm 5.0M Stereo Cable

Furutech ADL iD35SP 3.5mm 5.0M Stereo Cable
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Furutech ADL iD35SP 3.5mm 5.0M Stereo Cable
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Furutech ADL iD35SP 3.5mm 5.0M Stereo Cable for iDevice/Smart Phones-to-Headphone amplifiers

Introducing the Extraordinary ADL iDevice/Smart Phone iD35SP 3.5mm Stereo Cable for Headphone amplifiers The Highest Performance Personal Stereo Cable You Can find!

Furutech is justifiably proud of its reputation for engineering, build quality and performance, and has won the loyal support of audio enthusiasts worldwide for their finely made and beautiful sounding cables and audio accessories.

Now Furutech greatly expands its reach with a new entry-level line called ADL (Alpha Design Labs). ADL was created by Furutech to imbue its Pure Transmission Technology into carefully engineered innovative designs that everyone can afford. ADL components and cables are made with the same dedication to total resonance control and refinement as all of Furutech's many cables and accessories. When it’s impractical to connect your headphone amp via its USB input we’ve created the iD35SP 3.5mm analog stereo cable.

The iD35SP features silver-plated • (Alpha) OCC conductor for minimal transmission loss and 24k gold-plated connectors. The cable achieves superior noise isolation with two-layer shielding – aluminum foil and tinned copper -- in a RoHS-compliant sheath. The main conductors are treated with Furutech’s • (Alpha) Process –a deep cryogenic and demagnetizing treatment.

Direct USB connection to a computer still sounds best, but the iD35SP comes in a close second! Either way you’ll enjoy some of the best sound available while looking as hip as they come!