Furutech DF-2 LP Flattener 230V

Furutech DF-2 LP Flattener 230V
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Furutech DF-2 LP Flattener 230V
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Furutech DF-2 LP Flattener 230V

This is the new improved version of the Furutech LP flattener that is now approved for FLAT-PROFILE/NO GROOVE-GUARD discs. Ultimate Performance • Ultimate Refinement • Ultimate Luxury Every vinyl enthusiast has records in their collection, or come across LPs they’d love to own, but were just too warped for any cartridge/arm to track.

The DF-2 the one-stop, one-button solution to your problems! The DF-2 provides controlled-heat perfect flattening for all your warped records, even those with only slight irregularities just enough to unsettle your cartridge and cause mistracking. Warps are bad news no matter how you look at it. If the arm/cartridge remains parallel to the LP’s surface as with a flat record, VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) remains unchanged throughout every rotation. Additionally, as the arm/cartridge tracks a warp on its upside, it places greater pressure on the stylus which changes VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) until the peak of the warp, whereupon the cartridge becomes “unloaded” with too little VTF on the way down. Of course, all this muddles the sound, changing the tonal quality, imaging and soundstage characteristics of the cartridge.

A flat record also tracks better with less distortion. An LCD keeps you informed of progress with a tone sounding when done. IMPORTANT: The following LPs should not be treated in the DF-2: 1) LPs weighing less than 110g 2) Light LPs that were manufactured between 1973-74 (Oil crisis) weights range from 100g to 115g.