Furutech Flow 28 Power Filter

Furutech Flow 28 Power Filter
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Furutech Flow 28 Power Filter
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AC Power Can Make or Break Your System! The audio you hear from your home entertainment system is essentially the incoming electricity itself, and the typically violent storms riding the AC line and its ground is very detrimental to the performance of your components.

The Flow-28 is a sophisticated, luxuriously made and finished inline power filtering unit that eliminates many common problems caused by contaminated electrical power lines. It protects against distortion caused by ground noise, voltage spikes and sags, high frequency power supply noise from other components in your own system, and finally high-frequency digital noise emanating from processors and digital interconnects.

Plus youíre never alone when you take your listening seat; the residential AC supply is shared with other apartments, homes, and businesses on the same utility transformer explaining why many enthusiasts find their systems perform to a higher standard late at night and over weekends.

And while the Flow-28 is a star performer at eliminating common AC problems, it does it all without restricting current draw in any way. Furutech, known for its world-class Pure Transmission engineering, build and finish, have done the tests and the Flow-28 does not interfere with current draw. The AC-1501R EMI-filtering IEC input perfectly complements the remarkably effective Flow-28ís ability to eliminate distortion. The FI-28R IEC connector finishes off the package.

The Flow-28 Inline AC Filter lowers noise on every component on which itís used resulting in very natural and extremely fine resolution down and through the utterly silent noise floor. It improves soundstaging and imaging while creating nuanced high frequencies, an attractive, engaging midrange, tight and controlled bass, with power and dynamics to spare.