Furutech FP-314Ag-II - Power Cable

Furutech FP-314Ag-II - Power Cable
Item# FP-314Ag-II
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Product Description

Furutech FP-314Ag-II - Audiophile Power cable

15 AWG a-Conductor(1.82 Sq.mm) Conductor :The fine Silver Plated OFC conductor & OFC wire strands and treated by a(Alpha) process.

Conductor: a (Alpha) Conductor(Silver Plated -OFC Conductor 37/0.25 (Red)+ 37/0.25 X 2C(Yellow))

Insulation: High-density P.E.( Red.Yellow.Natural)

Twisting: 3 Cores Twisted Together

Shield: 0.12mm a (Alpha) Conductor wire Braid

Sheath: Flexible PVC (Brown)

Max. Conductor Resistance: 0.01O/ M

Overall Diameter: 12.9mm (15 AWG)

1 Meter = 3.281 Feet

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