HiFiMan HE560 and EF6 Combo

HiFiMan HE560 and EF6 Combo
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Product Description

HiFiMan HE560 and EF6 Combo
HiFiMan HE560 and EF6 Combo

Introducing the HE560, a premium quality, full size planar magnetic headphone designed for reference use in the home or studio.

HE560 is 30% lighter than comparable headphones allowing the listener to comfortably enjoy music for hours on end. In addition, a newly-designed headband and beveled ear pads provide remarkable comfort as well as improved sound quality.

Using single-ended drivers, HE560 delivers a lifelike soundstage and spatial imaging that HIFIMAN is known for Its increased efficiency allows it to be driven with a modest size amplifier. To capture every bit of detail, a premium cable comprised of Crystalline copper and crystalline silver is standard.


30% lighter than other full-size planar magnetic designs for increased comfort Newly designed headband and beveled ear pads. Single-ended planar magnetic driver provides superior soundstage and spatial imaging. Increased efficiency so it is easier to drive Beveled ear pads for increased comfort Newly-designed cable comprised of crystalline copper and crystalline silver is standard.


Sensitivity: 90 DB

Impedance: 35 Ohm

Weight: 13.3 Oz.

Frequency Response: 15Hz to 50 KHz


Storage Case


Volume: Hand-made Step Attenuator

Power Supply Design: CLC filter

Weight: about 24 lb (10.75 KG)

Dimensions: 13''(330 mm)Wide *12.2"(310mm)Deep *4.1"(105mm)High

THD: 0.03% (1w and 1KHz)

S/N: 95 DB

Max Output: Class A 5W at 50 Ohm