HRT Music Streamer III

HRT Music Streamer III
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HRT Music Streamer III
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HRT Music Streamer III

At its heart, the MS III is a MS II that has been considerably massaged and improved through a full re-design of its analog output stage; this gives the MS III wider overall dynamics, greater apparent top-end extension and air, a more tactile and forceful lower bass register, and a more organic, flowing sense of ease compared to the original MS II.

The front end (on-board power re-generation, DAC chip, etc.) has been carried over into the new model, and with the improvements to the analog output stage, the MS III now is a couple of steps closer to the MS II+. The retail price has risen to $199.95. Rather than go forward with another build of the MS II, Mr. Halverson at HRT elected to take the opportunity of having run out of stock on the MS II to improve the model and release the MS III.

A thoroughly modern computer music product, the HRT Music Streamer III’s intended primary function, like the original MS and then the MS II that came before it, is to easily facilitate the high quality playback of one’s CD collection without having to use a conventional CD player, and without having to deal with physical discs every time you want to play music. Once ripped to your computer, your CDs can be safely stored away. You can also listen to streaming Internet radio stations, music subscription services, and Youtube videos, etc., through the MS III in much better sound quality than from your computer's built-in DAC, just as with all of the other MS products in the HRT line.

Additionally, since we exist in an ever-expanding world of digital music where higher-than-CD-resolution music files are becoming more and more commonplace and easily available, the MS III’s playback of PCM files up to 24bit/96k is fully supported. All of this is done in native resolution w/o any up-sampling or other data manipulation from the MS III.

Like other HRT Music Streamer products, the MS III features a high performance asynchronous USB transceiver, differential mode conversion, and a fully differential signal path all of the way to the output stage, which is then converted back to single-ended RCA outputs. The MS III provides the perfect topology for high resolution digital to analog conversion, and set up and operation is super-easy: just take a good quality USB cable and hook the USB input of the MS III into any available USB port on the host computer. The MS III automatically performs an "electronic handshake" with the computer and tells it that the MS III is here, that it is to get all audio signals sent to it instead of the Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) that is built into the computer, and that it, the MS III, is in charge of all data-transfer timing instructions.