Ikeda IT-345CR1 Tone Arm

Ikeda IT-345CR1 Tone Arm
Item# IT-345CR1
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Product Description

Ikeda IT-345CR1 Tone Arm
Ikeda IT-345CR1 Tone Arm

The Ikeda IT-345 tone arm is a High Mass design and has been called Big, Rigid and Beautiful.

Built for dynamic balance, although it can support a cartridge weight of 6 to 38.5 grams, the stylus pressure ranges from 5 grams to utter weightlessness.

Product Specifications:

Type: Dynamic Balance

Overall Length: 326mm

Effective Length: 245mm

Overhang: 15mm

Tracking Error: +2 - 121'

Stylus Force Range: 0g - 5g (in 0.5g step)

Mounting Hole Diameter: 31mm

Arm Height Adjustment Range: 25mm - 60mm

Max Arm Board Thickness: 35mm

Cartridge/Headshell Balance Range: 6g - 38.5g

Headshell Weight: 17.2g

Pivot to Spindle Distance: 230mm