M2Tech Evo DAC Two

M2Tech Evo DAC Two
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Product Description

M2Tech Evo DAC Two
Brand new and factory sealed.

M2Tech Evo DAC Two

DXD and DSD conversion, 32 bits resolution on USB 2.0 Audio Class compliant port, coaxial and

optical S/PDIF inputs, single-ended outputs on gold-plated RCA females, IR remote control with

HID capability, same form factor of all Evo Two products, can be powered by the USB bus or by

any 7.5V to 15V power supply, Evo Supply Two recommended.


The Evo DAC Two is a very high value-for-money digital-to-analog converter capable of

converting DXD and DSD when driven by USB.

Its USB 2.0 Audio Class compliant port is natively supported (no driver needed) by OSX and

Linux. An ASIO-compliant driver for Windows is provided.

High precision, low-jitter clocks allow for exceptional detail resolution, maximizing the 32-bit

capability of the ESS Sabre ES9010K2M conversion IC.

The Evo DAC Two de-jitter feature allows for exceptionally good performance from coaxial and

optical connections.

The Evo DAC Two uses high quality polypropylene capacitors and a low-noise opamp in the

analog section for best sonic results.

The IR remote control allows for accessing all Evo DAC Two features (volume, balance, muting,

input selection and many other menu settings), as well as taking advantage of the HID protocol to

control the player on the computer without manually accessing the keyboard.

The Evo DAC Two can be powered from the USB bus in budget conscious setups, while better

performance can be obtained with a good power supply such as the Evo Supply Two.