M2Tech Joplin MK2 384/32 A/D Converter

M2Tech Joplin MK2 384/32 A/D Converter
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M2Tech Joplin MK2 384/32 A/D Converter
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M2Tech Joplin MK2 384/32 A/D converter

Joplin MkII is a high performance A/D converter capable of handing up to 384kHz sampling rates and 32 bits resolution (USB output). It features a high speed asynchronous USB input based on the hiFace Two technology, further developped to allow for higher sampling rates. A comprehensive output set (S/PDIF on RCA, AES/EBU on XLR and optical on Toslink) provide great connection versatility. Also, an auxiliary S/PDIF digital input on RCA allows for re-using the digital connection used for the Joplin for a digital source, as well as for redirecting the output from a digital source to a computer which is not provided with an S/PDIF input. Despite its price, Joplin encopasses a leading edge technology for data handling and processing. An FPGA is used to provide a seamless connection between the ADC IC and the USB port (both operating in master mode for low jitter reasons), as well as for a large number of important clock and data routing tasks, not to mention the VU-meter drive.


High-speed asynchronous USB connection. Single-ended stereo input on RCA.

S/PDIF, AES/EBU and Toslink digital outputs. Auxiliary

S/PDIF input for bridging.

Selectable input gain 0dB to 65dB. Wide choice of equalization curves in digital domain.

Various filter options (anti-rumble, anti-hiss, MPX).

Input impedance matching for MM and MC phono cartridges.

Remote control.

Encased in a stylish aluminium case.