M2Tech Power Supply Two

M2Tech Power Supply Two
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M2Tech Power Supply Two
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M2Tech Evo Supply Two

The Evo Supply Two is a very low noise 9V power supply dedicated to the Evo Two Series products. It is provided with three outputs which deliver clean current from a low noise, discrete components regulator. Outputs are switched with a rele operated by a button on the front panel. Overcurrent protection is included on each output. The very-low-noise regulator features the same basic design as the Van Der Graaf, ensuring a residual noise which rivals that of the best high current batteries, with the extra bonus of a very long trouble-free life.


1) Three Outputs with total 2A Current Compatibility. The Evo Supply Two has enough current capability to power any combination of Evo Two or legacy Evo products.

2) Ultra-Low-Noice, Discrete Component Regulator. A carefully thought design which allows for exceptional performance from the lightest load up to the rated current delivery.

3) Full Protection Against Overloads And Short-Cicuits. The output polyswitch fuse avoids damages even in case of continuous short-circuit at one or more outputs.