Oyaide Power Cable PA-22 ZX (1.8m)

Oyaide Power Cable PA-22 ZX (1.8m)
Item# PA-22ZX-1-8m
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Oyaide Power Cable PA-22 ZX (1.8m)
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Oyaide Power Cable PA-22 ZX (1.8 meters)

Since PA-22 FX was released in 2006, we have gained many feedbacks from customers. Now taking them into an account, we redesign the molded plug to make it thin to fit the various circumstances. The material of the blade is made of brass. And deoxidized phosphor bronze is chosen for its connector to give priority to strong holding power. The plating of PA-22 ZX is a combination of 1.5μ silver and 0.3μ palladium. The double-layered molded part, made of Polypropylene resin and Pb free PVC, attenuates unnecessary vibration and improves electrical property.

The core element of PA-22 ZX is its cable design. The PA-22 power cable satisfies the requirements of high performance and safety. Its excellent traction control and flexibility are achieved by integrating four different types of materials. The double-layered noise protection system is composed of copper foil and solid-state carbon. Its PCOCC-A multi-stranded structure enables the infilling of random spaces inside the cable and prevents deformation among wires.

PA-22 ZX is produced by maximizing the experience and technology acquired by development of P/C series. Its excellent balance between practicality and performance proves our basic concept right.