Oyaide R-0 Power Receptacle

Oyaide R-0 Power Receptacle
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Oyaide R-0 Power Receptacle
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Oyaide R-0 Power Receptacle

The contact of the R-0 is made of beryllium copper-same as the R1 and F1/M1 series using a new and high level of performance. The use of heat treated beryllium copper insures mechanical integrity and high conductivity. It is 1.0mm thick and 6.0mm in width, reducing vibration at the point of contact with no loss of signal transmission.

30% glass filled PBT is employed for its excellent machining characteristic and electrical isolation. Created under extremely high pressure, the body of the R-1 outlets is highly rigid. Its weight is increased over the previous model and improves damping ability. As a result of improved processing accuracy, the holding power of the blade is improved and unnecessary vibration is attenuated to the maximum extent possible. Moreover, its internal structural layout is that of a highly engineered load distribution.

Base Material: Highly (twice) polished beryllium copper

Mounting Bracket: 24 Karat plated brass fittings for strength and durability of the Body and Insulator. The 1.5mm thick gold mounting flame has preeminent strength and protects against the feedback of unnecessary vibrations from the wall. The housing is that of the R-0 made with the ultimate in design and materials.