Oyaide SWO-DX Power Receptacle (each)

Oyaide SWO-DX Power Receptacle (each)
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Oyaide SWO-DX Power Receptacle (each)
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Oyaide SWO-DX Power Receptacle (each)

30% glass filled PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) is employed for its excellent machining characteristic and electrical isolation property. Due to the highly rigid and high-specific material, we achieved to reduce the development of unnecessary vibration and distortion.

■ Mount frame

The structure of SWO-ULTIMO series is so simply designed. The mounting flame which is made of 1.5mm thick brass has superior mechanical integrity and protects from unnecessary vibration from wall surface. Moreover, it is non-magnetical substance which doesn't exert a bad influence to the sound quality. The great stability and reliability of SWO-ULTIMO are brought to you by the craftsmanship of Oyaide Electric.

■ Screws and Connection

All screws are made of stainless steel which is also non-magnetical substance. Due to its high rigidity, there is no problem such as screw head rounded off. The maximum cable size is 5.5sq. In thorough testing, the cable has never separated from the plug by a force less than 30kg.

■ Plating

To complete the SWO-ULTIMO series, the manufacturing process is started from foundation coating. The material which was punched out as a part is polished by hand piece by piece after machined barrel-polishing. The plating of the SWO-ULTIMO series was determined to provide a range of "flavors" or variations. A combination of silver and rhodium is for SWO-DX-U, 24K gold plating is for SWO-GX-U and a combination of 24K gold and palladium is for SWO-XXX-U.

■ Materials・Shape

The brade of SWO ULTIMO are made of phosphor bronze. It has a high mechanical characteristic and high conductibility. The shape is 20A correspondence with the results in the SWO series,and the improvement was added. The thickness of the braid made from 0.8 to 1.0mm, and reduced the current resistance. In addition, it strengthens the retentivity.It realizes tough hold more than weighting 7kg in weight.As a result,It realize reduction of vibration and transmission without loss.