Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR V2 (0.7M Pair)

Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR V2 (0.7M Pair)
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Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR V2 (0.7M Pair)
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Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR V2 (0.7 meter Pair)

To avoid contamination of impurities as much as possible, Oyaide uses virgin copper.

The new 102SSC applies mechanical removal of outside impurities by a peeling process of ±1μm.

After mechanical peeling, the wire is annealed to remove all stresses and strains induced by the drawing process. A great deal of skill and dedication went into determining the exact time and temperature specifications required to maintain maximum mechanical strength, highest electrical conductivity, and optimal recrystallization. Commonly used bell type annealing leaves a residue of soot. To avoid this, we adopted ‘in-line’ electric annealing. Test results after this process, show an incredible conductivity level of 102.3 % IACS. This result is the namesake for 102 SSC.