PNY Nvidia Quadro PNY-4000 with SYNC Kit

PNY Nvidia Quadro PNY-4000 with SYNC Kit
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PNY Nvidia Quadro PNY-4000 with SYNC Kit
PNY Nvidia Quadro PNY-4000 with SYNC Kit

The new NVIDIA Quadro P4000 combines a 1792 CUDA Core Pascal GPU, large 8GB GDDR5 memory and advanced display technologies to deliver the performance and features that are required by demanding professional applications. Display resolutions are increasing, with 4K displays becoming common and the greater availability of 5K and beyond displays. Massive visualization displays in design centers, entertainment, retail, and sporting events are pushing the boundaries of display technologies. On-air broadcasts incorporating graphics, video, and virtual sets are becoming the norm. The mixing of graphics and video, often across many display devices, is becoming part of the creative process. The NVIDIA Quadro Sync II card provides the solution for these advanced synchronized display requirements. The Quadro Sync II can synchronize up to 4 P4000 boards per card for 16 synchronized displays per Sync II, and with 2 Sync II cards per system, up to 8 P4000 GPUs per chassis for a total of 32 synchronized displays per system (until a software update is released 16 displays can be synchronized).

The NVIDIA Quadro Sync II, combined with Quadro P4000 powered graphics, is the ultimate solution for professional synchronized display deployments requiring versatile and cost effective synchronized FP32 single precision fueled graphics performance.


CUDA Cores 1792

Peak Single Precision FP32 Performance 5.2 TFLOPS

GPU Memory 8 GB GDDR5

Display Connectors DP 1.4 (4) + Stereo

Synchronized Displays per Quadro Sync II 16

Number of Quadro Sync II Boards Per System 2

Number of Synchronized Displays Per System 32 (16 Until Software Update Becomes Available)

Quadro Sync II Connectors 2x RJ45 (Frame Lock) + BNC (Genlock)

MOSAIC Platform Support Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Linux

Part No. VCQP4000SYNC-PB


3 Years