Pro-Ject Stream Box RS

Pro-Ject Stream Box RS
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Pro-Ject Stream Box RS
Brand new and factory sealed | Warranty: 2 Years

Pro-Ject Stream Box RS

Stream Box RS is Pro-Ject Audio‘s reference-class audio streamer, that goes far beyond the AWARD WINNING audiophile grade highend audio streaming client Stream Box DSnet, Ready for use with streaming service Spotify, it will support HD audio music platform Tidal soon. Other streaming services like Deezer, Grooveshark etc, can be implemented using 3rd party applications. Additional to the streaming functionality. Stream Box RS also acts as D/A converter for other digital sources, that use USB, coax and optical connection and as highend pre-amplifier with 1 additional analogue sound source! The audio circuitry is using E88CC tubes for ultimate fidelity and components, that guarantee extremely low noise and distortion levels. Volume control is done by a motor-driven ultra highend ALPS potentiometer via IR remote and/or the new and advanced Android or iOS Apps.


• 24 bit/192kHz Hires Audio streaming client

• Spotify Connect support (firmware or higher)

• Prepared for HD streaming like Tidal

• XLR & RCA output

• Volume control via analogue alps potentiometer

• Fully balanced double mono triode tube output stage

• Top of the notch Highend PCM 1792A DAC

• WAV, AIFF, FLAC, WMA9 lossless, ALAC & AAC

• FLAC decoding for all 9 compression levels including Level 0 (data rate up to approximately 9 mbit/s)

• 1x digital coax & 1x digital poptic inputs

• Gapless playback of all audio formats

• Fixed analogue & digital coax outputs (RCA)

• Search functionality fast forward back & alphanumeric

• 3.5" colour display shows cover art and metadata

• Multiple display languages

• Wifi 802.11 b/g allowing real 24/192 over Wifi

• Superlative rigid luxury alu cabinet

• Special proprietary NetAPI implemented for fast access

• Free Control APP (iOS & Android)