Sumiko Amethyst Phono Cartridge

Sumiko Amethyst Phono Cartridge
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Product Description

Sumiko Amethyst Phono Cartridge
Sumiko Amethyst Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge

Easily our most ambitious moving-magnet (MM) cartridge to date, the Amethyst features a nude line-contact stylus and an upgraded generator assembly providing ultra-low noise, breathtaking dynamics, and exceptional trackability. This unique setup takes advantage of the powerful electromotive forces inherent to MM cartridge designs that help give your playback some punch, while still outperforming most comparable moving-coil cartridges.


Stylus: Nude Line Contact

Cantilever material: 0.5 Aluminium

Wire material: Copper

Internal Impedance: 700

Load Impedance: 47K

Frequency Response: 12Hz-35KHz

Output Voltage: 2.5mV/1KHz

Channel Separation: 30dB/1KHx

Channel Balance: 0.5dB/1KHz