Teac Integrated Amplifier Black AX-501

Teac Integrated Amplifier Black AX-501
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Product Description

Teac Integrated Amplifier Black AX-501
Teac Integrated Amplifier Black AX-501-B

The TEAC AX-501 is an integrated amplifier with balanced analog inputs. It has 120 watts and 120 watts High-performance Class-D Amplifier Engineered by ABLETEC, dimmable needle-type level meters visualize pulse of the music, and CCLC headphone circuit for high-quality headphone listening.

An over-sized Troidal-core power transformer helps deliver high-quality sound without sacrificing energy-efficiency and the unit's compact imentions. Conventional diodes produce rectification noise that negatively affects the sound of other units. To combat this, TEAC installed Schottky Barrier Diodes to supply a cleaner internal current and reduce rectification noise.

TEAC AX-501 Features:

ALC0240 Class-D Power Amplifier by ABLETEC

A fully-balanced approach used for the analogcircuits on the pre-amplifier

Maximum 120 W and 120 W of output power for practicaluse (at 4 ohms impedance)

Toroidal-core Power Transformer

Schottky Barrier diodes for power supply circuits Full-metal body

Dual analog level meters with dimmable backlight

Headphone amplifier that employs CCLC system

(3) RCA analog line inputs

(1) XLR analog balanced inputs

Screw-type speaker terminals (AWG 8 and Banana-Plug compatible)

Headphone out

Aluminum-weighted volume knob

Remote control

3-pin AC socket with a detachable AC cable