Teac UD-301 Digital to Analog Convertor

Teac UD-301 Digital to Analog Convertor
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Product Description

Teac UD-301 Digital to Analog Convertor
Teac UD-301 Digital To Analog Converter in Black

A new standard in high-resolution audio, delivering high performance audio from a desktop component

The USB input facility allows DSD native playback which converts 5.6MHz DSD files directly into analog signals without needing first to convert it to PCM. It supports both the ASIO2.1 and DoP (DSD over PCM) conversion methods. Using the AI-301DA in conjunction with the TEAC HR Audio Player* high-resolution playback computer software application, anyone can easily explore the world of high-rez digital audio, including 5.6MHz DSD or 32bit/192 kHz PCM files, without having to grapple with complex settings etc.

Asynchronous mode-capable USB input When receiving digital audio signals from a computer via USB cable, the unit can operate in asynchronous mode, controlling the timing of the input signal using the UD-301's internal clock (which is identical to the one used in the UD-501). With asynchronous transmission over USB, signal compromising jitter is effectively eliminated, allowing digital audio signals to be transmitted in a pure, unadulterated state. Up to 192kHz up-conversion option. When handling digital signals of 96kHz and less, users have the option to upconvert to double or quadruple the original signal sampling frequency. Even when playing back a 44.1kHz sound source (equivalent to CD sound quality) a smoother analog audio signal can be obtained in order to convert to a higher resolution digital signal. Naturally, this up-conversion facility can be switched in or out, according to the user's preference. Dual monaural design eliminates interference between the left and right channels In order to process the audio signal from a high-resolution sound source in a purer state, we adopt a dual monaural circuit design whereby each of the left and right channels comprises its own single monaural circuit. This avoids mutual interference between the left and right channels and enables pure stereo playback.

UD-301 Features:

• 2.8MHz/5.6MHz DSD native playback (via USB input)

• 24bit/192kHz PCM file playback

• Asynchronous mode capability

• 192kHz up-conversion option (with On/Off selection)

• 2 x BurrBrown PCM1795 digital-to-analog converters Dual monaural design

• 2 x MUSES8920 operational amplifier units

• Dual monaural CCLC headphone output circuit

• Toroidal core power transformer

• Full metal housing

• 1×USB input (USB B type)

• 1 x coaxial digital input

• 1 × optical digital input

• 1 × XLR balanced output (Fixed/Adjustable/Off)

• 1 × RCA balanced output (Fixed/Adjustable/Off)

• Headphone output (standard stereo jack)

• Three-pin IEC AC power socket

• Auto Power Save function